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Table of Contents


Applications can be accessed in the Queries page.

New Application

By clicking the New button, you can create a new Application. Here:

  • "Name" must be a lowercase, no space, name that will be used to identify the application while querying.
  • "Description" describes the application.

Finally, press "Save" to save the Application.


By clicking on the Filter icon on top, you can search through the different applications. Simply fill in the fields and click Close to show the filtered results.


You can delete an Application by clicking on the Garbage Bin icon on the right side of the Application. Simply confirm your action and the Application will be deleted.


You can see the details of an Application by clicking on it. There is an "Actions" button that will reveal the following actions:

  • "Edit" to edit the application.
  • "Show API Key" to show the application's API Key.

Below, you will see the Queries related to the Application. You can open them by clicking on the name of the Query, or delete them by clicking on the Garbage icon.

In the next Chapter, you will learn more about WireQuery Management.