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Imagine what your production systems could tell you

Capture, explore, and analyze data flowing in and out of your applications - without compromising confidentiality.
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Fix Production Incidents Faster
Fix production incidents an order of magnitude faster by querying the exact state in which it occurs.
Speed up Development
Speed Up Development and gain technical/business insights by exploring production data.
Free and Open Source
Free and Open Source, so that you can use WireQuery to your heart's content.


WireQuery is a full-stack session replay tool. Using WireQuery, you can see how a user experiences an issue through a video-like frontend recording. Combined with an overview of the network calls to the backend (including network calls further upstream and their actual payload), you get a holistic overview of how an issue came into existence.
Some issues, however, can only be found on the backend, before users have reported them with a video-like recording. Through a specialized “network query language” called WQL, you can easily start your investigation from the backend as well. Like before, this includes all the network calls up- and downstream of your query result.
Since the video-like recordings and network calls may contain sensitive information, WireQuery’s SDKs are designed with privacy in mind. In most cases, minimum effort is required to strip all sensitive data from your frontend and backend systems.


Full-Stack Session Replay
Record and replay the frontend like a video while capturing the related backend requests.
Extended Tracing
Trace the results with their payload, so you can see what happens in your entire stack.
Enter a query to let the targeted (production) system start capturing HTTP requests immediately.
Allow non-technical users to start capturing HTTP requests easily.
Integrate your applications with WireQuery in minutes with our easy-to-use SDKs.
Easily mask confidential information, so you can query with peace of mind.

Getting Started

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